River Song Innovations Inc.

Current Projects

Our current Innovations

For information or questions about any of our products or services, please contact us at info@riversonginnovations.com

A community project for alerting an owner, providing contact information for a lost pet. Utilizing facial recognition.  Is your pet pingable?

Ping A Pet in the news!  Is Your Pet Pingable?

Our KickStarter Campaign


Feather Scan, a member based facial recognition and tracking system within a facility.



The Clover Project ( the blog )


N2Gravity is a site dedicated to a gravitational theory being developed by our president Rickey Austin.  His thesis and dissertation was based in part on this theory.  The site is maintained by him.  For those interested, take a peek into what Rickey’s personal time is spent doing.  The site is a work in progress.



Preprint publication

Discrete Space-Time on the Manifestation of Mass