Video of Clover Catch Filter Applied

I am jumping ahead a bit in our series, but this is for the purpose of motivation with applying a methodology and working to create your own algorithm.

The following video was taken with my cell phone, thus I apologize for the bouncing behavior.  The first half of the video shows the application using the default cascade file on the raw video feed (except the video was changed to gray scale for quicker mapping, and mapped to the live color).  The second half, you will see a dramatic change as I implement my form of video prep along with my first attempt at a video algorithm.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a novel, as these results speak for themselves.

It is exciting, and I encourage you to experiment research options. Also, and very important, is to allow yourself to fail many times!

If this type of result doesn’t excite you, you probably shouldn’t be going through my series!  Honestly, folks, this is like getting that hole in one on a par 3.  It is what keeps you in the game after missing it all those other times.